Raw Development is a real estate development company specializing in full-service residential and commercial construction and remodeling for the greater Los Angeles area. We have deep experience that enables us to cost effectively complete projects, bring addition or remodeling projects to fruition, and make the dream of a custom-built home a reality. Choosing Raw Development means our clients not only get our complete project management and personalized service, but also extensive industry knowledge based on a foundation of solid experience.

Our founder and CEO, Thomas Reese is a real-estate and project development savvy professional who has been passionate and committed to this industry for 15 years. In 2010, he completed the Ross Minority Program in Real Estate through the Marshall School of Business & School of Policy, Planning, and Development at University of Southern California. With his stellar business and financial acumen, Thomas is top notch at overseeing, planning and evaluating property remodels and construction, but also ensuring projects are cost-effective. Combining his philanthropic nature and his love for the real estate industry...Raw Development was formed.